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Welcome to Abiola International School. Our mission is “to provide world class education” as we aim to provide our students with a sound and solid education while at the same time developing the all round developed child. It is our goal that the students can contribute to this mission by having: the skills and qualifications to compete with, and most importantly work with the best, with a very sound intelligence that can bring about change in the child and in the society

Our teachers


Our teachers develop children's skills and innate talents .

Sport lessons

Drawing lessons

Music lessons

History lessons

Nature lessons

Math lessons & Science Lessons

We believe that our school offers a unique educational experience for all students by providing a hybrid of the American, British and Nigerian curricular to provide a truly international community. We also encourage international mindedness by introducing the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) in our primary schools to add to their vast acquisition of knowledge..Our vast online portal enables students and parents to check for results online, take live classes, request for admission and do much more

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Thank you for being there everyday, providing love and guidance. ...

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Dear beloved founder, though, you are not with us in flesh, but your spirit lingers around us. May your soul forever rest in the bosom of your Creator 🤲🏻.

We congratulate you for the Lord did not forsake you, but rather made your life to be relevant in the Democracy of our Great Nation, Nigeria till date. That's a great honor!! We rejoice with your family and appreciate all the voices that set you apart for a day like this.

We missed you dearly❤️

Rest on...

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Every child requires the nurturing care to build trust, confidence and empathy as they unleash their potential to become kings and queens of their trade. ...

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Children's Day Task - Talent hunts... Nabeela shared her experiments with classmates on the Zoom class today... ...

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Children's Day Task - Talent Hunts... Tami shared with classmates on Zoom class today... ...

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